Savage Sunwear Carbon Sunglasses

We set out to create sunglasses that would inspire. We are all passionate about something and at Savage Sunwear, we give you permission to pursue your passions. Whatever drives you, go after it! Keep moving forward and never settle. We look forward to seeing where you take us!


Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a material that is extremely lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Additionally, carbon fiber is at least four times stronger than steel. One of the additional benefits of Carbon Fiber is its tremendous ability to retain its shape and not be bent or broken under stress. Carbon Fiber is used extensively by the military due to its extraordinary strength to weight ratio. Carbon Fiber can be found in nearly all aspects of military equipment, including the F-22 Raptor, Blackhawks, body armor, and countless other applications. The high-end luxury car market has also found carbon fiber to be the ideal material for single body frame design. Carbon fiber is able to obtain immense strength and rigidity while coming in at fraction of the weight. Superior to what is currently offered on the market, these sunglasses are tailor-made for people on the go. They weigh a total of 20 grams, which is less than half the weight of a typical sunglasses.

Why UV400 Lens?

Our wayfarers use TAC polarized lens with seven layers of protection. Indie1 copy We put our lenses through rigorous testing to make sure they will live up to what you need. We use a one ounce steel ball and drop it from a height of no less than 50 inches, directly onto the lens. This test ensures that our lenses will not shatter, guaranteeing you a stronger lens. Indie2 copy Our polarized lenses block 100% of harmful UV light, and come with an anti-shatter and anti-scratch, protective coating. Indie3 copy Our lenses will filter the light, allowing a more vibrant color spectrum. This gives your eyes a clearer and more crisp view of the world around you. Indie4 copy Throughout the day, sunlight is reflected off of things all around us. As a result, you experience an annoying and potentially harmful intensity of light, often referred to as glare. The polarized layer of our lenses, removes this glare and reduces the strain on your eyes. Indie5 copy Style Options Our sunglasses come in two styles, the classic wayfarers and a flat top. Savage Sunwear Sunglasses is a full-framed carbon fiber sunglasses, unlike other sunglasses on the market that only use carbon fiber for the temples, making these some of the strongest and lightest sunglasses in the world. Lens Options Our wayfarers come with standard lens with a dark tint. The Flat Top comes with stardard lens with a dark think and a classic mirrored lens with medium tint in the following colors: blue, red/orange, yellow/green, and yellow orange.