May 20, 2015 savagesunwear

Savage Sunwear Carbon Fiber Wayfarers


Savage Sunwear is made from carbon fiber; a material that is extremely lightweight yet incredibly strong. Additionally, carbon fiber is at least four times stronger than steel, making these the ideal choice for anyone who is chasing a dream. Our wayfarers use polarized lenses with an anti-shatter and anti-scratch protective coating. Our lenses block 100% of harmful UV light, so that you can go wherever your passion leads.

Superior to what is currently offered on the market, these sunglasses are tailor-made for people on the go. They weigh a total of 20 grams, which is less than half of the classic wayfarer.

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We put our lenses through rigorous testing to make sure they will live up to what you need. We drop a 1 ounce steel ball from 50 inches above the lens to makes sure our lenses will not shatter, guaranteeing you a stronger lens.

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Our Polarized lenses will block 100% of the harmful UV lights from the sun. Giving your eyes the protection they need!

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The lenses will filter our the light allowing only the color spectrum to get through, allowing your eye’s to see more clearly the beauty around you.

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The sun light that reflects off of the cars while you drive, the snow, and the ground is all considered polarized and our lenses will block the glare and reduce eye strain.

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