Full-Framed Carbon Fiber Wayfarer

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Carbon Fiber Wayfarers

Core Features - Full-Framed Carbon Fiber Wayfarers



Made from 100% pure carbon fiber, weighing only 20 grams. That is less than half the classic wayfarers on the market! 


Carbon fiber is up to 5 times stronger than steel, making these the strongest wayfarers on the market. 


Blocking 100% of harmful UV light, our polarized, anti-shatter, and anti-scratch lenses allow you to go wherever your passion leads you. 


The combination of carbon fiber and our superior lenses, make these the most durable sunglasses you will ever own. 


Style Options

Our sunglasses come in two styles, the classic wayfarers and a flat top.

Savage Sunwear Sunglasses is a full-framed carbon fiber sunglasses, unlike other sunglasses on the market that only use carbon fiber for the temples, making these some of the strongest and lightest sunglasses in the world.

Lens Options

Our wayfarers come with standard lens with a dark tint.

The Flat Top comes with stardard lens with a dark tint or a classic mirrored lens with medium tint in the following colors: blue, red/orange, yellow/green, and yellow orange.

We currently only have two pairs left. We have the flat top model with a classic mirrored lens with medium tint in yellow/green or yellow/orange.  If you are interested in purchasing a pair, fill out a contact form and we’ll send you an invoice. Our sunglasses are normally $120 and it’s currently discounted at $100/pair.




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